SPGR Respondent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by Respondents

What is SPGR?

SPGR - Systematizing Person-Group Relations - is an integrated set of tools for measuring, exploring and improving group processes.

What is an SPGR Survey?

An SPGR Survey consists of multiple questionnaires using the SPGR scale.

As a respondent, you'll be asked to rate one or more persons (as well as one or more abstract query object) using a set of 24 questions, each describing three adjectives or behaviours, indicating if they often, sometimes or seldom show the given behaviour.

Once all members of a survey have responded, the SPGR consultant can generate SPGR report diagrams to highlight the findings and begin giving feedback.

Is it like a personality test?

No, SPGR is not a personality test.

SPGR measures subjective perceptions and behaviours - which change over time. The dynamic nature and flexibility of how we act in different situations, contexts and roles are central to adapting and improving, be it as a team, a co-worker or a leader.

A personality test on the other hand tries to measure static, unchanging characteristics of a person.

What information do you store about me?

We store name, email, basic demographics, and the individual responses to survey questions in our system.

We also store various administrative access information needed to ensure security of the system.

See the privacy terms for more details.

When can I see the results / reports?

The SPGR reports are sent out by the SPGR consultant that set up the group and survey. This is to ensure ethical usage and completeness of data before sharing findings.

Some surveys may have a preview report enabled which only shows you your own answers. The preview serves mostly as a learning and preparation tool before the feedback session.

I think I answered incorrectly. Can I have a do over?

The SPGR consultant that created the survey can reset any of your answers so that you may do them over again. Please send them an email and explain the situation.

Technical problems

My login link has expired!

The link received by email when invited is a personal login link with a default expiry of two weeks.

If you try to access the system with an expired login link, you should be prompted by the system whether you wish to send yourself a fresh login link by email.

If that does not work, contact the SPGR consultant that sent you the invitation, or contact us by email