SPGR Belt Levels

The access to the SPGR Gyre Web system is split into various levels indicated by "coloured belts", indicating level of proficiency, experience and certification in use of the SPGR tools.

The first three levels (White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt) do not require SPGR certification and be done without the help of an SPGR consultant. Thus they only allow fairly basic access to ensure ethical usage.

White Belt - the individual introspection

At this level you can run yourself through a simplified SPGR survey for self-evaluation and access a single Field and Agility diagram to aquaint yourself with the SPGR tool and terminology.

Mostly useful as a learning stepping stone for leaders that are considering using SPGR to improve both themselves and their team in the future. Which brings us to:

Yellow Belt - the own team leader survey

A leader is nothing without his team, and here you can create a group for your team and have them answer about their leader (you) and team as a whole. Here you will get insights into how you are perceived as a leader (which likely will differ greatly from what you self-reported on White Belt level) and get a rough indication of how the team is faring.

This is a light version of the "SPGR 360+" survey and analysis, and the focus is on the leader and help gaining insights into how they are perceived and can be improved. Once the introspection, insight and awareness has been processed by you, the leader, it is time to consider the next level.

Orange Belt - own team group survey

How is your team doing? Here we go into the inner workings of the team through a survey where all members answer about everyone else on the team.

This is a light version of the "SPGR TEAM" survey and analysis, focusing on the group and how well it works as a cohesive whole. At this point you have likely gotten some early insights into where you and your team can improve. But while anyone can see an X-ray of a broken bone and identify it as such, it is more difficult to know how to approach the group to pull it towards a better and more synergistic behaviour.

At this point it makes sense to either contact an SPGR consultant to help facilitate analyzing and planning how to use the results, or to officially begin the SPGR certification process and earn your Green Belt.

Send us an email explaining your need, and we will help to connect you with an SPGR consultant. They will be able to do a more thorough analysis and dig deeper into the data from the surveys you have run so far, and give advice on how you can use the results effectively and ethically. How much help is needed from an SPGR consultant depends on the size of the team and the situation it is in.

If you've found out SPGR is for you and thus opt to go for certification, contact us to find out when the next possibility for a course is, and keep the reports you've created so far, as they may be used as basis for the required preparatory work for the certification course.

Green Belt - the professional SPGR practitioner

The Green Belt is the first level that requires SPGR certification.

Once you have completed the course and are authorized to use SPGR then you are ready to use the SPGR tools to the benefit of individuals, teams and organizations, both in your organization and in others.

The main work tools at the Green Belt level is "SPGR 360+" (for individuals, coaching, leader development etc) and "SPGR TEAM" (for groups, work teams, departments etc). Individual reports for each participant of a survey is available to the consultant, allowing deeper and more direct feedback to group members.

You can also customize the 360+ surveys with abstract query objects for more fine-tuned analysis, e.g. "ideal leader", "ideal co-worker", "team as a whole" etc.

The SPGR reports available include: Field diagram and Agility diagram.

NOTE: Since the usage and requirements of SPGR consultants vary greatly, this and subsequent levels are subject to additional costs for more intensive usage of the system. The subscription fee covers basic usage only.

Blue belt - the seasoned SPGR survey-slinger

Includes all from Green Belt, but also includes:

  • SPGR Object Survey - for surveying multiple respondents about query objects, often used to analyse organizational culture.
  • Polarization diagram - easily identify in-group polarization and potential conflict areas.
  • Spiral diagram - an intuitive "butterfly" diagram that displays the full SPGR scale within a "norm" area.

Red belt - the worldly SPGR wizard

All from Green and Blue belt, as well as:

  • Quick SPGR Survey - shorter 12-question survey for quicker turn-around time on surveys as well as large teams
  • Raw data entry - allows alternative methods of obtaining SPGR data and entering it into the system. Useful if surveys are done off-line, on paper, or using other methods.
  • Generic survey setup with more flexibility choosing which members shall be queried, evaluated and asked about query objects.
  • FreeRider - a simple additional survey useful for certain situations.
  • Custom reports - modify the report setup, add/remove diagrams, insert custom text etc.

Black belt - the SPGR Master

Full access to all the functionality of the SPGR system, including HUMRES and observational data entry. (Some features are still pending.)

This is for advanced and experienced SPGR users only.